Save your company from liquidity


Lulalend provide your company with funds within 24 hours and the funds is up to R5 mil, and you can also open a Lula bank accounts in order to receive the funds.

Everything is been done online, the forms are all digital which gives also time to do other things because eveything is quick and easier to access.

They provide a bank account that comes with Lulaflow is basically to assist with cash flow

Bank account:

The company also has revolving capital facility, but with no monthly or account fees, only pay for the funds that you use in a month.

Than there is Capital Advance is a once-off lump sum that can be repaid within 3,6,9,12 months - fixed terms, fixed fess.

To learn more about Lulalend loans you can visit their website on Lulalend and familaries yourself with what is best for your company and the rates to pay for each loan.

For your  business to qualify, it needs to make an annual turnover of R500 000, 1 year trading history, and registered in South Africa


The company provide funds from R20 000  to R5 000 000, which application can only take 2min, the apprval in 24 hours.

Their true cost of finance is simple and transparent

Your company can also save on early-settlement discounts and no lengthy lock-in periods, no forms, everything is being done online

Maximum Control - your company exceess the dashboard 24/7 to request  the funds that you need, and draw the funds anytime.

To learn more about Bridgement loans you can visit thier website on Bridgement and familaries yourelf with what is best for your company and the rate to pay for each loan

The requirements are the business need to have annual turnover of R500 000, trading for longer than 6 months, and registered in South Africa

Funding Hub 

Funding Hub the finance loan is from R10k to R100mil.

With one application it would be applied to more than 30+ lenders.

And this makes your company to compare the different banks and lenders rates, loan amount and fees. Which is fair right, you choose what is best for your companies’ cash flows.

Approval take only 24 hours, than you can excess your funds to take care of invoices, employees ect

There is no need to run around for different lenders, one of its biggest pros.

For your business to qualify, it needs monthly revenue of more that R35 000, earning the revenue for more than 6 months, you business should be registered.

Remember there is always solution to every issue, make the right choice for your financial problems and request support for you small business